Spelt and ancient wheat.

Simply put, it’s wheat as nature intended.

This is wheat that have been little changed by selective breeding over thousands of years, grains that humans have grown and consumed happily since we turned to farming. That’s a long time ago.

Ancient grains actually refers to a number of cereals and when it comes to wheat it includes Spelt, Emmer and Einkorn, these are successfully farmed and harvested in the UK and these are the ones we use to make our pasta, as simple as that.

At this point we should obviously add a number of claims of how much healthier these grains really are but as we are pasta makers, and not qualified scientist we honestly feel a bit out of depth to talk about polyphenols and micronutrients here.

Still let’s be clear about what we Carleschi’s think about ancient grains: these grains have been around for thousands of years and have constituted the backbone of our ancestors diet: how could they be harmful to us all of a sudden? Perhaps one of the many reasons wheat gluten has been lately rightfully vilified is down to the fact that decades of wheat breed selection has been based on commercial and productive considerations rather than taste, nutrition, health and what was good for the environment.

But thanks God there are farmers out there that do care, they never gave in to any pressure the market had put them under and they carried all the way to us these heritage ancient varieties. Grazie.