Slow-dried, artisan pasta.

To do things properly you need time, that’s our secret.

We don’t make pasta with industrially roller milled standard flour, but with stoneground flour that come from British artisan millers that grind heritage grains, grown organically in small fields by committed farmers. It comes to us unbleached, unadulterated and still nutritionally intact.

Slow dried means that the drying process is carried out a low temperature never above 55 degrees not to degenerate any nutrient and micro-nutrient present in the pasta. That would be ‘food waste’ plain and simple.

This much longer process not only ensure that the perfect nutritional balance available in the flour is kept in the pasta, but that the true taste of the grain, the coarse pasta texture and that the elusive al dente tenure of cooking are all there for us to enjoy in our plate.

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