Our pasta

Straight outta drier, pasta with attitude.

Celebrate the first artisan dry pasta made in London.

I always though: why all dry pasta always have to be made in Italy and shipped here? On top of that, there are top farmers growing amazing spelt, emmer and einkorn here in the UK, and great millers producing flours of exceptional quality: why not making pasta with those?

It wasn’t that straight forward to produce a great quality dry pasta: we started in 2014 and it took us a good while to get to where we are now.

That’s because we really made a point of not cutting any corner. We use traditional Italian methods to make our pasta artisanally in small batches, bronze extruded and slow dried at low temperature. We choose only organic ancient wheat grains that are stoneground and as wholegrain as it gets, not to lose any flavor, taste and health benefits.

There really is a lot to say about our pasta, mainly these are the points:

local Our pasta is made entirely with British flour, which guarantees freshness and total traceability, as well our products are distributed locally reducing our food miles to the minimum.

healthy using organic and fresh ingredients, including stoneground flours makes our pasta as healthy as possible. Wholegrain flours are rich in fibre and minerals and renowned to be healthier than conventional refined flour.

sustainable we take the environment seriously: employing only renewable energy, local ingredients, biodegradable packaging, recycled paper, differentiated waste procedure in our operations to reduce our carbon footprint to the minimum.

artisan we follow the Italian traditional method of artisan pasta production, whether this involves hand-making or extruding through bronze dies. We guarantee our pasta for taste, texture and tenure of cooking to be of the highest standard possible.

exclusive our pasta is a truly exclusive and innovative product that we are currently the sole manufacturer of.

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